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Once upon a Brand

A brand is a narrative

But it’s not just any story. It embodies the principles and ideals of your company. That’s why your brand is your most important communication asset. A great brand inspires the right feeling tones — what is pleasant and relevant to your audience. But getting people’s hearts and minds to fire in rhythm in your direction requires more than great art direction — it demands understanding their stories, and how they perceive the world. It’s that insight that constitutes the unique expertise which Blue Pollen brings to strategic brand development.

Behavioral finance still dwells in the world of academia, where it has been cloistered for decades. Nonetheless, its principles — such as Risk/Loss, Framing and Invariance — have been researched and proven beyond question. This is the kind of thinking we employ to take you beyond the banality of today’s consumer data. Whether your clients consist of the high-net worth, or first-time investors, Blue Pollen will help you uncover more effective ways of communicating with your audience.

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In today’s financial climate where doubt and uncertainty run high, leveraging pre-existing client relationships is a smart way to grow business. Still, an audience of professionals is likely to be as time-challenged and skeptical as consumers, if not more so. What’s your strategy for breaking through? Blue Pollen can help you create a more meaningful peer-to-peer dialogue that recognizes the perceptual differences that influence the expectations of your best prospects.

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In the final analysis, is beauty solely in the eyes of the beholder?  Or do you as a marketer feel you can dictate what beauty is? Perhaps there is an element of both. That’s our contention. And it changes the equation. Nothing is more personal that how one sees beauty. That’s why it behooves anyone in the business of beauty and fashion to understand the emotional substrate that informs this perception, including your own.

Doctors are people, too. The trick is to identify what “type.”  Are they more caring, or more clinical? Do they enjoy interacting with patients? Or prefer working behind the scene? And on what basis do they typically make decisions? For example, do they look for facts? Or, are they impressed by innovation? These are some of the vital questions we help our clients understand before embarking on a communications program.

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Nothing changes faster than technology. But the gap between legacy systems and purchasing innovation — or, in case of consumers, early adoption — is widening with the slow-down in both capital investment and discretionary funds. How can you appeal to your best audience in hard times? Take a cue from Six Sigma: “Know you customer.”


Self-help and Education are two enormous categories of business. Both, however, are rooted in the principle of self-awareness. Since neither can flourish unless the goal of learning or personal growth are in accord with one’s individual outlook, strengths and talents. As the creators and publishers of The New Temperament®, Blue Pollen is expert at marrying the needs of individuals with a wide-variety of educational offerings, from financial literacy to developing greater personal awareness.

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Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable about healthcare than ever. Many are serious about prevention and more open to alternative treatments to maintain physical and emotional health. We’re helping leading clinicians in many ‘alternative’ disciplines, such as Rolfing® and Jungian Analysis, define their audience and articulate their own skill-sets.

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