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Inspiring people to give by recognizing their capacity to care

When Charles Darwin analyzed his data from his voyages on the HMS Beagle, he proposed a theory of common ancestry driven by natural selection. Human and animal life was portrayed as ruthless competition among members of the same species. In contrast to Darwin’s view, Peter Kropotkin, a zoologist working in the early 1900’s, proposed another paradigm, ‘Mutual Aid.’ Kropotkin showed altruism and cooperation were vital factors in our evolution and preservation. Today, while doing good has proven good for everyone, money is tight, and many non-profit organizations are waging a Darwinesque battle for survival. We are pleased to offer the most advanced communication support to bring more urgency and exposure to worthwhile causes.

Why do people and organizations give? If you are not clear on that point, don’t expect your fund-raising efforts to be as effective as they can. People give for different reasons. Some are driven by a social conscience. Others, self-interest. They will give, and generously, but with the expectation of getting something, however intangible, back. Understanding the expectations of your audience, and the subtle, reciprocal nature of giving, is key to fund-raising success.

Health | Human Services

How do you spark a social movement? A community? A nation? A world? In this, the age of the Internet, it seems deceptively simple. As if anyone can hoist a banner, and tens of thousands, if not millions, will “follow” or “like” you. “We can only do small things with great love,” said Mother Teresa. However big your ambitions, we believe that remains a good strategy.

Arts | Humanities

In the U.S., the trend is isolationist. But that doesn’t mean a crisis on the other side of the world can’t hit home when presented with clarity and urgency. Again, success depends on finding the right audience and understanding their motivation for giving.

International Relief

Extending reach with
the Courage to Help

Instead of channeling visitors through a multi-tiered website, or one that’s simply out of sync with your present contact strategy, we’ll work with you to revitalize and reposition your online presentation for optimum impact.