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What moves your audience,
propels your business

Most people assume other people are like them. That they think and feel the same way. While this may be a cozy thought, this kind of thinking — called projection — gets in the way of effective communications. We have developed a proprietary tool that helps marketers understand their projections, at the same time that it reveals how consumers interpret their world. We use this tool to perform primary research in both the consumer and B2B marketplace to uncover deeper, more actionable insight.

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There are powerful tools that reveal why people make the choices they do — tools we own and have refined over the last decade. Our insight helps advertisers create messaging that resonates with their audience and builds greater synergy, from customer acquisition through retention. Because what’s music to your ears may be noise to someone else. Here are a couple of examples that show how a commodity — like a cup of coffee or phone service — is perceived differently. These differences are grounded in four distinct perceptual categories that we call: Advocates, Discerners, Shapers and Sustainers.




Knowing how your audience views their world is key to your earning a place in it